"Að bjarga heiminum - To save the world” group exhibition at the Verksmiðjuna á Hjalteyri, 13.6. - 21.6.2015

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“Spin Helix Spin”:

Everything is connected.

Look at the helix, or spiral: from far away our galaxy looks like a spiral. The spiral can be found in many plants and animals, we have a spiral on the back of our heads, the rim of our ears is called helix. DNA, the building block of life, is in the form of a spiral.

 As I am spinning wool into yarn, making a spiral, I connect with the raw material, with my environment and I connect with 30.000 years of spinning history.

Grasping the yarn with my hands I am also grasping it with my mind. A deep level of understanding and connectedness is reached. I am but a small part in a big whole. This connection automatically leads to caring, it creates empathy for the surrounding, the planet, the universe. 

 Living in big cities, in manmade surroundings, consuming processed goods, growing up indoors, in artificial landscape, in front of computers and TVs, we are no longer “in touch” with the natural environment. The connection is lost.

When this connection of the individual is lost, there is no understanding, no respect, and no empathy: nothing to stop the pillaging and destruction of nature.” (Text inspired by Renate Hiller).