Skinnhúfa exterior

Photos of the Skinnhufa house: built in 2006-07, designed by Maja, built with prefabricated concrete units made in Iceland. The objective was to place a house on 130 hectare in such a way that it becomes a part of the landscape or an extension of it, but at the same time to make an architectural statement rather than to camouflage the building. The shape of the sloping roof echoes the shape of the surrounding rocky hilltops, the grass roof quotes old icelandic building tradition. The aim was to create a house which is undoubtedly of today but also icelandic and timeless and for the future. The actual location on the land affords great views while at the same time providing shelter from the harsh north easterly storms. Inside framed views revere the surrounding landscape. To the south side a sunken garden and pool have shelter behind an east facing wall while open to the views to the west and north. The "dock" jutting out over the slope ties the house and garden to the natural wild surroundings and the views.